Beautiful Life

Online Book Club for the busy woman wanting to live her best life

Hosted by Ali Hunter, Certified Holistic Health Coach and lisa Christenson, certified holistic health coach


Have you ever….

  • Read a book and been so inspired that you wanted to share it and discuss it with everyone you knew?
  • Found a book and related so much to the life changing teachings, but never had the motivation or accountability to take the steps that you felt so compelled to do at one point?
  • Had an ongoing list of ‘must reads’ but just didn’t find the time or motivation to pick one up and read it?

We have the experience and solution for you... AND if you are one of those people (like us) that likes to stay busy and can barely find time to read a book, KEEP READING… Because we have an option for you as well!

Through our Beautiful Life Online Book Club, we plan to introduce you to some of the most amazing and life changing personal development books out there for women looking to live their best life. We plan to guide you, along with a group of like-minded busy women, on a journey to read together, take action together, support each other, and come together to discuss the chosen book and how it’s working in your life. We have designed a way to create this experience without taking too much time out of your busy life. Technology is such a blessing in that it will allow us to come together, throughout this journey, in the comfort of our own homes and every day surroundings. Oh… And for you movers and shakers that can’t find the time to sit still and read a book, We will ALWAYS pick books that allow for the audio version (our kind of reading ;) ). That way you can be filled with knowledge and inspiration while you are driving, cooking, doing dishes, working out, or whatever you do that keeps you busy!

Now let’s talk about the goods… What’s included?

Each featured book will be a 6 week program and will include:

  • Online group support through the private "Beautiful Life" Facebook group.
  • Scheduled guided reading (so that we can go at the same pace)
  • Daily inspiration
  • Weekly suggested action steps relating to the guided reading
  • Three live virtual group meetings with Q&A discussion, led by Ali Hunter, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Lisa Christenson, Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Suggested resources relevant to book topics
    *Discounted one-on-one health coaching sessions with Ali (throughout the 6 week program)

Upcoming Featured Book...

light is the new black by rebecca campbell


Program Dates:



In the comfort of your own daily surroundings (online)



*Space is limited!