Feel Like a Rock-Star in the World of Mommy-Hood


Motherhood…it’s the best job ever and yet it can drive a person totally crazy at the same time. We all see the sweet blissful pictures on social media of cute little babies, families posed in a field full of flowers, siblings laughing together, and parents gazing lovingly at their children.  But let’s be honest…behind the camera is a reality that can be messy, emotional, confusing, stressful, draining, stinky, embarrassing, and totally awkward at times.  Yet somehow these are the aspects of my reality that make this job the best I could ever hold.  It has put me completely out of my comfort zone at times (let’s start with birth…) and has made me into a woman that is stronger, more confident, more patient, more understanding, and more beautiful feeling than ever before in my life.

 I know many of you can relate.  Becoming a mom can also mean experiencing the new norm of wearing the same clothes for multiples days in a row (ok maybe that’s just me?), going longer stretches without a shower than was known to be possible or even acceptable (well maybe it’s still not acceptable), and choosing to forgo make-up because there just isn’t such thing as a third arm (I would pay for one at times).  But regardless of these insignificant annoyances, there’s something happening inside of a mother… a transformation.

In honor of all of the amazing mothers out there that work this 24/7 job, I’d love to share some tips and reminders that can allow us all to feel like a total rock-star in the world of mommy-hood. 

·         Achieve and maintain a positive mindset.  Life is only as good as your mindset.  If you see the negative in every situation, you will be negative, and your life will be negative.  If you begin to see the positive in every situation, you will be positive, and your life will be positive.  And whichever route you decide to take…your kids will most likely follow.

·         Detach from your children’s emotions.  I know that this one can sound a bit confusing so let me give you an example.  I don’t think I could begin to count the various emotions that happen inside of my two and a half year old on a daily basis.  Being a person that can easily pick up on other people’s emotions and take them on myself, I could easily do this with my children as well.  I have to literally tell myself that he is two and a half and I am thirty-three.  If he is throwing a tantrum, that does not mean that I have to get upset…if I stay calm, then he will soon follow.

·         Shake it out.  If you feel yourself getting frustrated and consumed by the emotions of your tiny human beings, literally shake it out.  Shake out every muscle in your body and picture the emotions literally shaking out of your body as well.  It won’t look graceful, or normal, but do it anyways.  Believe me…it feels really good.   

·         Be kind to yourself.  Why is it that we have to be our worst critics?  Motherhood can be the worst for this.  Not only do we have the option to judge ourselves, but we now have the option to judge ourselves based on our child’s actions.  Uffda…that just exhausts me writing it.  We are all human…we are meant to make decisions, then make mistakes on some of those decisions, and then learn from them.  It’s ok…and a part of life.  BE KIND TO YOURSELF.  And don’t take yourself so seriously.  Laugh at yourself and find others to laugh with you.

·         Stay present.  The days are long but the years are short.  So many moms of older children will tell you to appreciate every moment.  They’re saying this for a reason.  Take moments throughout the day to turn the chatter off in your brain and truly look at your child, listen to your child, smell your child (probably more acceptable if they’re young ;) ), and feel your child in your arms. 

·         Have fun!  Bringing more joy in your life can have such a positive impact on your health.  Try making the most stressful moments during the day a little more fun.  For example, today I found myself literally jumping around, singing and dancing for my two boys as I made them lunch.  This is a time in our day that can sometimes get a little chaotic.  Luckily I was on my A game and decided to make a fool of myself with the intention of keeping them out of trouble.  And oh boy did it work…they were sitting nicely, laughing hysterically, and ended up listening to every direction I gave. 

·         Keep nutrient dense foods on hand.  If you are like me you may find yourself in moments of being totally HANGRY.  I mean literally feeling like my whole world is falling apart (ok maybe that’s a bit dramatic).  As a mom you are busy taking care of your little people, yet nourishment for your body is equally important.  Nutrient dense food is food that is high in nutrients and lower in calories.  These can be simple quick options such as raw veggies with hummus, raw nut mix (cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts), fresh fruit, homemade kale or sweet potato chips, or a delicious smoothie.

·         Sleep!  I cannot express enough the power of sleep.  In my own experience, it can mean the difference between a mom that is irritable, short tempered, and unmotivated and a mom that is happy, patient, and full of energy.  Allow this to be your permission and motivation to tuck yourself in a little earlier tonight.


For the record, I am not perfect nor do I want to be perfect.  Life is busy and always changing, therefore we can get off track and end up in ruts.  When I find myself feeling stuck and on a path that is not in alignment with the person that I want to be, these are the intentions that I set to bring myself back to tackling motherhood like a rock-star. 

“I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a mother.”


Much LOVE to you all,