It's not the clothes...

If you're anything like me, you've had those dreadful mornings where you're literally trying everything on in your closet and nothing is working for you.  You find yourself muttering in disgust as you stare at the the pile of clothes on your bed...'I have no clothes.'  You then start feeling overwhelmed because not only do you have a million other things you have to pay for, but now you need a new wardrobe.

Fast forward a couple months later, you find yourself standing in front of the exact same wardrobe, using the exact same mirror, yet this time every outfit you put on seems like a hidden gem.

What's the secret?  It's not the clothes.  It goes much deeper than that...It's about feeling comfortable in your skin.  Whether your goal is to create more balance in your life, to eat a cleaner diet, to move your body more, or to look past fear and do that one thing that's been in the back of your mind for years, there's no doubt that achieving this goal will bring you closer to feeling more comfortable in your skin.

And if you're anything like one of my clients I worked with recently, achieving goals that focus on being more present with family and providing them with more nourishing foods just might allow for a side effect of losing those undesired extra pounds.  This is a message i received from her recently...."I went shopping last night because my clothes don't fit.  I kept having to go get even smaller sizes of stuff.  I was shocked.  It was seriously the first time in years that I actually felt good trying clothes on and I felt like things actually looked good on me.  And somehow, I'm still losing weight, I'm amazed."

I am absolutely thrilled for this client knowing that achieving her goals allowed her to feel more comfortable in her skin.  I'm also thrilled for myself for realizing this past week that I will be doing some shopping for new shorts....larger shorts that is.  Having two boys over the last few years means that my hips are not the same.  And I say that with a smile on my face because I feel more comfortable in my skin than ever before.  It's not about the clothes, it's not always about the weight, and it's not the same recipe for everyone.  If you are finding yourself in that perfect storm of 'I have no clothes,' ask yourself, 'what is it that my mind, body, and spirit is craving?'  Allow yourself to look a little deeper, beyond the mirror and beyond the clothes.

Lots of LOVE,