I Used to Say Yes a Lot

I used to say yes a lot.  Now I say no when I need to...in the most loving way.

I used to party a lot.  Now I cuddle with my family a lot.

I used to drink a lot of vodka.  Now i drink a lot of kombucha.

I used to deprive myself of food.  Now I nourish my body with as much food as I WANT...and feel damn good about it.

I used to look at my body with judgment.  Now I embrace my body with love and appreciation...the way it works is truly amazing and without it I wouldn't be here.

I used to give the most power to other people's opinions.  Now I give the most power to my intuition.

I used to worry a lot.  Now I love a lot.

I used to hide behind my decisions.  Now I own my decisions no matter what the outcome.  I am always on the right path. 

I used to choose pain and self sabotaging thoughts.  Now I choose joy and thoughts that allow me to thrive.

What's changed?  MY CHOICES.

I've always had the same heart and the same intentions, but I haven't always made the same choices. 

My choices never have, nor will they ever, DEFINE ME.  What's in my heart defines me.

However, my choices are what allow me to live the life I want to live.  They empower me.  They give me opportunities in the direction of where I want my life to go.  And where it's MEANT to go.

Believe in YOU...believe in your GUT...believe that you have the power and the right to make the choices that are best for YOU.

Lots of LOVE,


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