Self Care as a Responsibility

I don’t encourage self care because it’s a fad, although I think it should be.  I have been guided to encourage self care because I believe it is absolutely essential and necessary for health, livelihood, and the condition of the world.  It is our responsibility.  There is so much LOVE in the world and yet it saddens me to say that we are also surrounded by hate.  Hate on many different levels.  And it has brought me to ask a few questions.  When there is hate projected from someone, could it be possible that in some cases it is due to an imbalance? Perhaps an imbalance in their mind, body and/or spirit?  Could the hate be stemming from a deeper rooted problem of the way that the person viewed themselves, and the way the person felt?  Perhaps stemming from a situation or years of being treated a certain way (either by someone else or their own self), but ultimately leading to an imbalance?

Think about the times when your physical body is in a state of imbalance…you have a headache, you’re experiencing PMS, you’re foggy headed, you’re fighting a virus or an infection, you’re stressed out, your adrenals have been overworked, you’ve gone through some emotional trauma, or you’re just plain tired or hungry…it causes you to get in a MOOD.  A mood that nobody wants to be around , not even yourself!  You start to act in ways that make you feel guilty later on.  And you possibly even hold on to this guilt for a while.  Which then leads to more stress and more imbalance on the body.  A vicious cycle.  What kind of environment are you creating for yourself, your loved ones, and the next generation that is learning from you every day?  I mean absolutely NO judgement by this at all, only observation and awareness.  It is all too common today.  And most likely it is all stemming from your heart of gold trying to please everyone, take care of everyone, and handle everything like superwoman.

What were to happen if you started to take about ten minutes to move your body every day?  And then that ten minutes turned into twenty.  Then, you decided that you wanted to eat a healthier breakfast.  And then that healthier breakfast turned into a healthier lunch.  And pretty soon you have a routine of moving your body and eating healthier meals.  AND THEN you noticed that you’re feeling better about yourself.  So now you want to tackle those self sabotaging thoughts that tend to run through your mind.  So you start working toward shifting your mindset.  And then all of a sudden the women two doors down, that you used to despise because everything about her just always seemed so ‘perfect,’ now seems like a nice lady.  You have a conversation with her one day and she starts to expose her vulnerabilities and her frustrations about life.  You find yourself relating and giving her advice.  It doesn’t stop there…you then go to pick up your kids, and their questions that once seemed so irritating to you, now seem so cute and innocent.  So you start answering all of them.  And you start to think about how much fun they are and wonder why you never realized that in the past.

WOW!  What just happened?  Could it possibly be that you started to create healthier habits for yourself, you’re feeling good about yourself, and now you’re projecting more LOVE to everyone around you?  But wait, it only gets better.  THEN people around you start to notice these changes.  If you have kids, they start to see what you’re doing.  They see the foods you’re eating, they see how you’re moving your body, they see you journaling, they see the lemon water you’re drinking, they see the pep in your step and how you’re holding your chest and your head a little bit higher, they see the glow of your skin, and most of all, they see the confidence that is being projected.  If they’re young, they start mimicking your healthy habits, and if they’re older, they start thinking, ‘I want some of that.’  Just like that, you become a role model and a positive influence for everyone around you.  You feel more confident in your skin and you allow others to know what it’s like to be comfortable in their skin.  You’re projecting more LOVE, living a better quality of life, and approaching every situation with a better version of yourself.  Life seems to be more exciting and things start to happen with a bit more ease. 

Women are the leaders of the health revolution. 

Women tend to have the greater influence in the household and on others around them.  So if we, as women, take the time to give ourselves the self love and self care that our bodies so desperately crave, then we can change the world around us.  And ultimately the generations to come. 

If you agree with me, allow this to be your permission to get back to self care basics.  I would love to invite you on a 5 day FEEL GOOD CHALLENGE.  Five days of discovering fundamental elements of a healthy lifestyle, and how to incorporate them into a busy life, so that you can feel your absolute best while continuing to juggle it all.  

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Lots of LOVE,