Ultimate Freedom in a Busy World

A few weeks ago I had something totally unexpected happen to me that threw up my whole world.  Something that happened within a second that changed the course of everything that had been working toward, was a part of my daily life, had control over, and ultimately was what I prided myself on.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that it was exactly what I needed.

Here’s what happened.  I was at the park with my two boys.  My youngest, Logan, on my front in a baby carrier and my oldest, Landon, running around next to me.  The child in me decided to jump into a puddle, on concrete, with flip flops on (oh and yes, baby still on me).  My feet flew out from underneath me and I landed flat on my back.  Luckily Logan landed directly on top of me and was ok.  My fate…torn ligaments in my wrist which pulled some bone and caused a small fracture. 

I’m sure some of you are thinking ‘ouch!”.  But here’s the funny part.  The pain of the injury…I could handle.  What I struggled most with…having to put time aside to ‘deal’ with my injury, giving up control, stepping aside from my projects and letting other people take care of me and my daily tasks.  Oh boy, this was tough.  I couldn’t help but think, ‘I am a busy woman with a lot of responsibility, not to mention goals and projects that are in the works.  It’s summer time…so much going on.  Why now? How am I going to take care of the boys?  And seriously, how the heck am I going to do my hair???’

What this all made me realize is that we attach our emotions to so much in life.  From outcomes to projects at work, to our to do lists, to our appearance, to our future, to other people’s actions, to other people’s situations, to the mess of the house, to material things around us…and so much more.  No wonder we find ourselves totally exhausted at the end of the day!  Not only are we ‘doing’ a lot, but we are ‘attaching’ ourselves to a lot as well. 

Eckhart Tolle says, “Nonresistance, nonjudgment, and  nonattachment are the three aspects to true freedom and enlightened living.”  That means that TRUE FREEDOM lies within you already!  You don’t have to set out on a quest to search for it.  It’s about realizing that your circumstances in life, whether good or bad, do not define you.  They do not give you ultimate fulfillment and freedom.  They do not define your fate.  It’s YOU, at the center of your being, that makes up who you are and what you want.  And this is also where source energy is found.  THAT is why we SLOW DOWN and reflect on what is inside.  Think about the times in life when you do slow down, whether planned or forced.  If your mind is in a healthy state, you might end up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world with a sense of clarity. 

Jen Sincero, author of You are a Badass, writes, “Because if you base your self-worth on what everyone else thinks of you, you hand all your power over to other people and become dependent on a source outside of yourself for validation.  Then you wind up chasing after something you have no control over, and should that something suddenly place its focus somewhere else, or change its mind and decide you’re no longer very interesting, you end up with a full-blown identity crisis.”

So why did I feel like injuring myself was exactly what I needed?  Because I needed to SLOW DOWN, look within myself, get in touch with my own source energy again, and stop seeking outside validation.  I needed to become content and in love with my own being again.  Detach myself from any outcomes, any material things, my appearance, and anything else that was distracting me and draining me.  It also fueled my desire to continue on this path and follow my intuition.  Sometimes we are clear on the messages that the universe is sending us and we make the conscious decision to slow down.  However, if we are not exactly clear, the universe gives us a rude awakening and forces us to slow down and detach.  I am grateful for a lesson learned and the re-awakening to ultimate freedom.