Who says there has to be rules?

To the exhausted mom, who says there has to be rules?…

I read an article the other day, and I felt overly compelled to respond.  I’m not typically one to do that, but as a mom and a health coach that works with other moms to find inner peace and balance, I felt inspired to do so. The pain and struggle that this woman describes is all too common today.  Unfortunately a common trend as a mom is feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and irritable.  I myself have felt the pain that the woman was expressing and have since gained a different perspective so that I don’t have to feel that pain.  I’m hoping to help a few of you amazing moms by sharing a little of my perspective.     

The post that I am talking about was written by a mom that is tired and fed up with all of the ‘rules’ for mothers today…. “Rules about food. Rules about hygiene. Rules about clothing. Rules about schooling/education. Rules about development. Rules about medication. Rules about sleep methods/co-sleeping. Rules about playtime. Rules about friends. Rules about car seats. Rules about breast feeding. Rules about child wearing. Rules about television. Rules about the rules.”

It is sooooo tiring when we really look at it that way.  HOWEVER, does there really have to be rules?  Yes, safety makes sense….but what about everything else?  It’s all just information and perspective. 

What about SIMPLIFYING?  What about stepping back from the noise, acknowledging that much of it is noise, and focusing on what YOUR values and priorities are.  THEN….go from there. 

(I use the word NOISE, because to me that’s what society can be.  And who makes up the rules that society follows anyways?  To me I sometimes see it as a conspiracy theory.  But that’s a topic for another day.)

When you know what your priorities and values are….keep them in mind with every goal, decision, and action you take.  Everything else around us that is not in alignment with these priorities and values do not necessarily need our attention. 

BE KIND TO YOURSELF AS A MOM AND AS AN AMAZING SPIRIT THAT IS WORTHY OF JUST BEING.  Become aware of how you talk to yourself.  Feel LOVE for yourself.  Ask yourself, who am I living for?  I can’t tell you enough how this simple question has changed my world.  I literally ask myself this question about 50 times a day. 

I feel that living authentically and in the present moment is one of the best things I can do as a mom.  I have gratitude for all of the information that I have learned so far in caring for my boys, and I trust that the Universe will open my eyes to any new information that I need to learn in the future.  But as for listening to any negative opinions from others on how I should live my life and parent. AND THEN listening to the annoying voice that lives inside my head that tells me that their opinions matter more than mine….(I couldn’t have said it better than the women in the article) “I’m going to live and soak in each moment with my boys instead.” It’s in the moments that I breathe and watch my boys (aka a few of my greatest teachers in life), that I find wisdom and peace of mind.

Lots of LOVE,