How would it feel to have community?


How would it feel to have a sisterhood?

What would it feel like if you never felt alone?

What would it look like if you had a plan to map out and attract your desires?


Guess what.

There is a place for you to feel at home.

To be surrounded by like-minded women that are also feeling overwhelmed with doing this thing called LIFE on their own.  Other woman who are craving community, to be heard, accepted, supported, and inspired.  Other women who are craving strategy, a direction, a place where there are answers. 

A place where you can learn to



When women support each other...incredible things happen.


Meet the program that was designed for you.


Authentic Balance Beauty.png

Become an #authenticbalancebeauty

because you are so beautiful in your own authentic, perfectly & imperfectly balanced way.

I know's time for you to know it. 

The world absolutely needs your light!


Take a look at what you will learn over the next twelve months.




Month 1: Law of Attraction: Identifying & Attracting What you Desire

Month 2: Tapping into Your Energy Within

Month 3: Food is LOVE: Healthy Eating minus the Deprivation

Month 4: Eating for Energy + Woman Superfoods



Month 5: Letting go of Old Stories

Month 6: Stepping into New Stories

Month 7: Emotional Eating: Creating a NEW story around your relationship with food

Month 8: Cravings & Intuitive Eating



Month 9: Be Unstoppable in Your Schedule

Month 10: Surrender to the flow of your schedule + life

Month 11: Eating Healthy in a Busy Lifestyle

Month 12: Food is LOVE 2: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food


But guess what my friend?

I'm giving you choices...because I believe that every woman deserves a choice.


I will be launching each of the three sessions (Abundance, Renew & Thrive) throughout the course of the year.  You will have three separate opportunities to make a choice and become a part of this community.  And not only that, each time I launch a new session, you will have two choices to opt in.

You will have the choice to become a part of this community for

2 months


4 months (and save $$!!)

at a time.

And the coolest can stay also stay connected & opt to be a part of this community for the entire 12 months to truly work toward living the life of your dreams, create relationships, find community, feel supported &  become an #authenticbalancebeauty.


Each MONTH you will receive:

  • One month of coaching support
  • Two Group coaching calls ...The Monday of Week 1 & Week 3 @ 6:15pm CST
  • A Guide to give you all the information for success as well as tips and extra LOVE
  • A worksheet to keep you taking action and working toward success
  • An email in your inbox each week with LOVE, support & direction (I LOVE action steps to keep up the momentum!)
  • My signature recipes relevant to the topic
  • Facebook group support ...Because you are NOT alone in this journey and I know that daily support is crucial.  We all need a place to go with questions as they come up!
  • Live office hours on Friday @ 12pm CST ...hop on over to our facebook group as I go on facebook live to answer YOUR questions! 



Keep reading to find out about Session 1 & your first set of choices!!!!!


Launching NOW!!!!!



Session 1: Abundance will begin in march 2017. 

If you desire massive change in your life and have felt stuck in your day to day schedule; unsure of where to put your time and energy, overwhelmed with your to do's, and feeling rather depleted....this program & session is for you.  If you desire ABUNDANCE, this program & session is for you.  You deserve to go after what YOU truly desire (not your mom,  not your husband, not your sister....YOU!), while also feeling that you are deserving of it, and that it IS possible.  You deserve to surround yourself with the things, people, places, and activities that bring out your natural energy...that totally light you up.  And most of all, you deserve to have a relationship with food that allows you to CHOOSE...and feel damn good about it.  Your energy, health, and vitality depend upon it.  Throughout the first four months we will work to get clear on what you desire and want to attract into your life, how to open yourself up to it, what aspects of life bring you the most energy, how to work them into your schedule, what it means to eat healthy without deprivation, and how you can maximize energy through your plate.


Here's the schedule:

  • MONTH 1: March 6th 2017 - April 1st 2017 --> Law of Attraction: Identifying & Attracting What you Desire.
  • MONTH 2: April 3rd 2017 - April 29th 2017 --> Tapping into Your Energy Within
  • MONTH 3: May 1st 2017 - May 27th 2017 --> Food is LOVE: Healthy Eating minus Deprivation
  • MONTH 4: May 29th 2017 - June 24th 2017 --> Eating for Energy + Woman Superfoods



Now the choice is yours....which option will you choose?


Month 1 & 2


(that's $62 per month, and only a little over $2 per day!!)


you can save money, all the while working toward becoming an #authenticbalancebeauty, and opt for...

Months 1, 2, 3 & 4


(that's $55 per month, and only $1.80 per day!!)


Need to ask me a few questions first?  No problem!  I'd love to hear from you.



"You are loved.  Massively.  Ferociously.  Unconditionally.  The Universe is totally freaking out about how awesome you are."

-Jen Sincero