So You Can Manifest Your Goals for 2017



Does the thought of your to-do list make you want to cringe?

Do you find yourself being pulled out of the present moment with random to-do’s throughout your day?

Do you find yourself lying awake at night thinking about all that you still have left to do?

Do you wake up dreading the day ahead?

Do you have anxiety thinking about the fact that there has to be something you’re forgetting?

Do you find yourself thinking ‘what is all this for?’ 




I know you have goals for 2017. I know you have desires and a journey that you want to embark on, but perhaps you feel a little overwhelmed already in everything that you are doing and caring for. 

I completely get that you feel doubt as to how it can all work out. But please... Know that there is a way.


And I have just the opportunity for you.


I am inviting you to become a part of my...


A little strategy, a lot of action, & a whole lot of mindfulness.



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Together we will take action to apply strategy & a rockin' mindset around your to-do list so that you can feel accomplished + feel confident in manifesting your goals for 2017. 

It’s time to get sh*t done!

 And not only that... It’s time to be joyfully productive, have peace of mind, more energy, and feel like there is purpose to your action.

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After coaching busy woman one-on-one, and being a busy woman myself, I am fortunate to see the common aspects of life that stand in the way of our health, happiness, and vitality.


It's time for us to acknowledge the fact that our to-do lists are draining us, consuming us, and affecting the quality of our lives. 


It's time for a new perspective.

It's time for you to step into your power and OWN YOUR TO-DO LIST... Rather than let your to-do list own you.

For you. For your purpose. For the sake of your health. For your loved ones. And for the world around you.

And most of all... So you can manifest your goals for 2017! 

Ali Hunter’s ‘Own Your To-Do List’ guide is truly priceless. As a fellow Health Coach I was blissfully unaware how much I needed this guide. I thought that owning my to-do list wasn’t a goal I needed to set. Oh how wrong I was! As soon as I started to read this valuable resource I instantly knew the Universe wanted me to hear all of Ali’s amazing tips, advice, and strategies for getting sh*t done! Ali is such an amazing coach and friend, and once you work with her you will know first hand just how valuable her resources, inspiration, and presence are! Don’t miss out on a great 2017. This guide will help you accomplish your goals.
— Lisa C

When you join the Own Your To-Do List Mastermind, You will receive:


  • The 'Own Your To-Do List Guide' --> A 19 page guide with little bit of strategy, a lot of action & a whole lot of mindset coaching, so that you can own your to do list…and not let it own you.

  • A week at a glance (how I use each day of the week to stay joyfully productive + get sh*t done!)

  • One Mastermind Kick- Off Live session (Jan 16 @ 6:15pm online via zoom…let’s connect and get in the spirit!!!)  **If you are unable to attend, no worries.  I will be recording & sending out to everyone included in the mastermind)

  • 5 days of coaching support (Jan 16-20) 

  • Private facebook group support

  • An email sent each day to guide you into taking action so that you can develop a strategy and rockin mindset around your to-do list

  • Live office hours on Thursday 1/19 @ 8:30pm CST (I’ll be live in our facebook group to answer any questions you have!)

  • Freebie giveaway drawing …TBA during the live office hours on Thur 1/19!!!


I will be with you each step of the way. I want you to succeed. I want you to develop a strategy and badass mindset so that you can follow your desires and make your goals come to life!  And not only that, I want you to sleep at night, I want you to have clearer skin, I want you to have patience with your loved ones, I want you to feel comfortable in your skin, and I want you to ENJOY your life. 

The Own Your To-Do List is absolutely brilliant. Ali’s comprehensive knowledge, collective daily experiences and her ability to openly share have allowed her t assist us in simply becoming better. She has written this guide in a way that is just exceptional. It is short and sweet, packed full of useful information, and she somehow manages to instill courage and self confidence in her readers as well. Although I could go on and on about how much I believe this can help our busy woman population, I feel that will defeat the purpose. Nobody has time for that! I STRONGLY encourage you to dive in head first and read it for yourself. What Ali has done here so eloquently is put life, in all it’s complexities, very simply. I firmly believe it is exactly what all of us need too, simplicity. There are books upon books, upon more self help groups, but they have always been there (and probably always will be). What we truly need is someone to give us the facts. To teach us simple ways to go about each day strategically and productively. The assistance Ali provides here in this guide is invaluable for anyone who needs it told to them straight, without all of the extra ‘stuff’ you don’t have time for anyway. It is for those of you who need clear direction that allows for not only productivity but enjoyment, individuality, failure, support and the constant encouragement to refocus on WHAT TRULY MATTERS...TO YOU. This is what I believe were the intentions of this great author, that I deeply admire, respect, and love beyond words...and that is exactly what she has delivered on.
— Tina V

All you need to do is DECIDE and make the commitment to yourself.

Don't wait until other around you are ready....decide that YOU are ready!


Have a few questions? No problem!