To the lovely Ali, she is one of the greatest gifts I could ever ask for. She came into my life at the right exact time, and that’s how awesome the universe works. From the moment I met her I had this instant connection. She totally got me! As my health coach for 6 months, she transformed my life. I was able to set goals which I conquered them at the end of my programs. After each session I would come back feeling rejuvenated and free. She has the ability to listen without judgement, understand through empathy, and to ask high mileage questions for me to think so that I could get to the root of the problem. Each session had a moment of clarity, an “A-ha” moment. Ali is such a caring, loving, optimistic, inspirational human being. I recommend working with the wonderful Ali as she is the best! She is absolutely amazing! I don’t think words can describe how incredible she is. I am honored to have met her and blessed to have worked with her. Ali Hunter is my mentor!
— Beth H.
I met Ali at a very crucial turning point in my life. Ali helped me to focus one step at a time and get my life back on track! We started small, and months later I was able to reach goals and feel better about myself, and was overall a happier person. There are so many aspects to a person’s life. Ali offers many wonderful tools to guide you along with her great listening ear. It was comforting to have someone listen, help me set goals, and hold me accountable for what I wanted out of my life in order to be happy and healthy in every way possible. I am very grateful for my experience with Ali. She is a delightful, helpful, and caring Health Coach.
— Alyssa K.
I believe Ali has found her calling. I can’t speak for her but she is so passionate at what she does, that empowering her clients and supporting them just comes natural to her. I have been working with Ali for 8 months now (I would have never guessed that by how the process has felt but when I began to write this, I had to look back to verify). I know I will need her to listen and help me sort out my next set of goals. In the last 8 months, she has helped me work towards so much, and my life has changed for the better. She is able to listen without judgment and she somehow knows what questions to ask to get to the root of what’s going on in my brain. I love her and her ability to empower and make me feel like the strong, wild, beautiful woman I am.
— Eileen H.
Ali is truly a God-send into my life and the health coaching world! Her immense contribution to the world as she pursues her dreams is a perfect example of alignment and intuition. Ali and I met through a small group who all wanted to practice our coaching skills and also be coached, shortly after we completed our IIN Health Coaching program. I knew within the first couple of visits that I wanted to work with her long after our small group time was complete. Ali continues to support my personal growth and inner work, which is an exciting, but also sometimes challenging journey. She understands and respects the emotional-physical connection within me, and continues to be a highly valuable resource. We have worked together now for 7 months, and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed.
— Steph F.
My top three goals upon starting this program were to lose weight so my clothes would fit better and I would be more comfortable, be more supportive and connected with my family, and have more energy to be more present with my kids. Ali was able to help me work toward these goal by providing constant support, tools, tips, and resources to help me reach these goals. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I have lost 15 pounds during the 3 months that I have been doing the program with Ali. Not only have both my husband and I lost weight, but we have also become more connected in our relationship and more supportive of each other through this journey. Ali is positive, inspiring, totally supportive, unbiased, and non-judgmental.
— Becky F
I have nothing but excellent things to say about my experience with Ali. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field, an excellent listener, and just loves people so intently and wants to help them seek their best selves. Ali has a way with her words and approach that have allowed me to come to my own conclusions on different facets of my life, all while coaching and educating me throughout. I told Ali once that I used to think this health coaching stuff was ‘a bunch of hippy voodoo’ - I will be the first to tell you it has impacted my life in an extremely big way, and I will always be thankful that I trusted her to help me go along this journey towards better health and wellness.
— Chelsea S.
Ali is an astonishing woman. One I was lucky enough to meet during our schooling at IIN. Through her life journey she has truly found her authentic balance and shares her light with the world so beautifully. As a colleague and a friend, I’m lucky enough to experience first hand her inspiration, grace, and genuine love of helping others. I would highly recommend Ali to anyone seeking a health coach. She has such a gentle way of guiding people on a path to TRUE health.
— Lisa C.